Marcelo Vieyra

Web System Developer

About me

I am a systems developer and programmer with experience dating back to 2011.

My journey began with web development using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP.

I've crafted personal websites, blogs, and corporate sites, assisting businesses in showcasing their products and services, and implementing contact forms to engage with their clients. Additionally, I've worked on ticketing systems for task delegation and monitoring.

Presently, I am dedicated to enhancing my skills and mastering frameworks such as Laravel, primarily for backend development, and React for frontend development.


Developing Skills



Tech blog. Link

Chelistico Finance V2

Stock info app. Link

Chelistico Survey

Survey app. Link

Faicsa S.A.

Company website. Link

Séance S.R.L.

Company website. Link

Loscri Construcciones

Company website. Link


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